Now that I’m 38+ weeks pregnant, I finally have the nursery ready & wanted to share it before baby boy arrives!  A few months ago I blogged about the bookshelf in my Kids Furniture Find post when I found it at a consignment shop near me.  Since then I’ve bought the crib & changing table there, then gathered most of the rest of the accessories from thrift stores, & the rest I already owned or couponed (I’ll note which finds I’m talking about under each picture)

Before I found out the gender, I already had a feeling b/c I kept thinking ONLY about boy designs & themes!  I think part of that has to do w/the fact that my husband is a pilot & we already had a lot of airplane / masculine art & decor.  I also already had a few nautical pictures (b/c I love the beach) so I decided to do a “boats & planes” theme w/navy & white as the main colors w/little pops of baby blues & red.  The wood accents I chose are a middle-tone shade & espresso.  I had so much fun decorating this room & can’t wait to bring him home into this space!

Brown chair from Goodwill & glider was free! I was on a walk & a lady was moving, so I asked her where she got the chair & she literally gave it to me on the spot. I really lucked out w/that one!
Wave pillows from 2 separate Goodwills, if you can believe it! Our local Target donates unused items there, so I’m always stopping by while I’m out running errands just to see if there’s been a new donation – that’s the key to thrifting is persistence!
I was so excited to find a white crib at the consignment shop & that was the jumping off point to go w/espresso tones for the rest of the space to balance the room
Red & white rug from Kohl’s w/a 30% coupon of course; Stool from thrift store then my mom upholstered it w/fabric from Joannes
Clothes hook & baby blue basket from Goodwill; Fabric on bulletin board was leftover from the footstool project
Using an old hamper as a toy bin; the bookshelf was a hand-me down from my mom
The changing table is a nice, solid wood but the knobs were boring so I upgraded them w/these pulls from World Market. The shape reminded me of sails!
Bedding & mobile from BuyBuyBaby
I upgraded the knobs w/these silver pulls.  Most of the baskets/bins are from thrift stores!
Trying to turn baby into a Gamecock & pilot like his Dad 🙂 Little socks were hand-knit from my sister-in-law
Boat from a thrift store; airplanes are his Dad’s; lamp from Target
Floor lamp from a thrift store; Finial from Amazon – this was a full-price splurge for me, but I just could not pass it up!

I’ve learned throughout this pregnancy that baby prep is EXPENSIVE!  But by offsetting the things you can’t avoid buying full-price w/items that are second-hand, it was doable.  What baby budget tips do you have?  Comment below!

❤ Rebecca



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