HAPPY NEW YEAR!  After taking a few weeks off for the holidays & then my baby shower (hosted a lot of out-of-state guests), I’m back to blogging about my latest decorating projects.  This week I thought I’d share which items I keep out from my Christmas bins to continue the winter spirit!  Did anyone else feel sad to put away their tree?  I don’t mind putting the other decor away, b/c I’m usually ready for a de-cluttered start in January, but I do always miss the twinkling lights in my living room.

This year to combat my “tree separation anxiety,” I bought a faux potted plant from World Market to stand in its place & wrapped it w/lights.  And yes, they are technically Christmas lights – but I think they take on a more wintery cozy look, especially at night!



Throughout the rest of the house, I always keep out some greenery.  Not necessarily wreaths or garland, but more like simple branchy/leafy greens.  I love to pair them w/white candles, pine cones & metallic accents – which is similar to my Christmas decor style, but w/out the obvious holiday items.





Lastly, the other decorations that don’t get packed away in the Christmas bin (until Spring) are anything w/snowflakes on them.  This year I mostly displayed these in my bathroom b/c I have a lot of whites & greys already in there.



Of course I love a good warm-scented candle from Bath & Body Works & lots of cozy throw blankets, etc. to complete the seasonal vibe.  What are your favorite winter decorations?  Or do you put it all away after Christmas?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

❤ Rebecca



  1. Great ideas, as usual. I especially like the cute dogs in their bed!


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