Usually I’m a last-minute gift wrapper.  I like the idea of having all the presents under the tree, ready to go for weeks before the big day – but somehow life always gets in the way & that never happens.  This year I made it a point to be at least 1 week ahead & it felt so amazing!  Plus I got to enjoy how pretty they look instead of immediately packing them up for our travels out-of-state to family.

But this post isn’t about procrastination, it’s about budget wrapping paper.  I REALLY dislike spending a lot money on things that will be shredded to pieces.  And yes, I’m one of those people who collects the leftover bags, ribbon, tissue paper, ect. that are salvageable after a gift-opening session.  I even save pretty card designs to jazz up a plain bag.  Why throw these things away just to have to buy more later?  For paper, every year I go to a dollar store & buy two rolls that coordinate – for a whopping total of $2.

SONY DSCThis year I chose gold & teal (I like to do non-traditional Christmas paper).  All the bows & ribbon were recycled & I already had a few gold boxes & bags from years past that coordinated w/the theme!  So I literally wrapped everything for $2 which is a big deal after the amount spent on presents.  But I don’t feel like I sacrificed style, which is what I love about budget shopping – it doesn’t always mean it looks “cheap!”


SONY DSCTo find festive paper that doesn’t have Santas all over them try looking in the birthday aisle, that’s where I found these two colors!

SONY DSCIf you’re a procrastinator like I usually am, happy wrapping!  And if you don’t usually do so, try collecting all the leftovers at Christmas that’s been throw into the middle of the room among the trash – you will be happy you did come next year 🙂

❤ Rebecca


  1. I love all the untraditional paper. Too late, I bought the more expensive paper, but on sale!


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