Some of you swear by live trees & others like artificial.  As for me, I’ve had the same artificial tree since college which was already a hand-me-down.  If you know my decorating style, you know I’m kind of a stickler for things being symmetrical, so I prefer fake for the control lol!  I also prefer warm white lights over colored.  I absolutely love my little tree & will probably have it forever.


Well this year the built-in lights decided it was their time to retire.  My husband suggested it was a sign to throw it out.  But to me, the tree wasn’t broken, just the lights were!  So two tedious hours & a sore hand later, the intertwined strands were cut off & I was ready to buy new ones to hand-string.

I will admit, I was in a bit of a hurry at this point b/c I wanted to start decorating & I had wasted a lot of time cutting out the lights.  So I went to Walmart b/c I figured that’d be the cheapest I could get same-day.  They were pretty picked over & I was left w/few options.  My husband always says LED is better, lasts longer & is cheaper to run so I figured this 50ft one would do the trick:


Well…it did not turn out how I thought.  When I got home & plugged them in & they were the brightest, BLUE lights I have ever seen.  Not sure why I assumed these Christmas LEDs would be different from every other LED bulb I’ve seen & didn’t like.  Turns out I ignored the word “cool” on the package.

My stubbornness did not want to trek back to Walmart so I thought “I can work with this, I’ll tone it down w/decorations.”  I strung the whole tree (which took a couple tries to get it even) then put on two boxes of ornaments.  But unfortunately it was not helping “tone it down.”  In fact, I was pretty certain the tree was about to take off into outer-space.

Please excuse the blurry pic, I only took a Snapchat to show friends that I needed sunglasses.

Long story short: these got returned.  Even though I was stubborn at first, I knew I couldn’t enjoy the season w/the Starship Enterprise in my living room.  And I learned a very valuable lesson in decorating!  Luckily Target had inexpensive REGULAR tree lights still in stock.  Next week I will show you the final product that I am much happier with now!

I was clearly not very schooled in LED lights & all the varieties that are offered.  So I’ve done some research & gathered inexpensive options from Amazon Prime so you don’t have to bother w/returns like I did!  *Click on the pictures under “LED & non-LED options for direct links”

LEDs have a color temperature rating shown here.
Now I know what “cool” white means: my least favorite!

WARM white LED options

NON-LED regular white options

I hope this will help you save a couple trips to Walmart.

Happy tree decorating!

❤ Rebecca

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will make a small commission if you click through & make a purchase.  However, this does not influence my suggestions & opinions in bringing you decorating ideas on a budget.

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