I posted on Facebook & Instagram last month that I was working on a DIY gallery wall w/pics from Charleston & postcard art from my travels to China.  Funny thing is, for months I had all the frames arranged how I wanted them around sconces – but hanging there completely empty.  I knew I wanted a gallery wall of gold frames next to my couch so I didn’t bother with a plan up front of what would go in them when we moved in & hung all the artwork.

Luckily, I had travel pictures that I wanted to display so that saved me money buying prints to fit the frames!  It was kind of a random mix of images & colors & sizes, so I ended up creating a collage & tried to balance everything best I could.  If I’m going to be honest, I know it’s not the most “designer” way to fill frames.  But these pictures have so much meaning to me & bring back such amazing memories, that I’m OK w/it being in collage form in my living room.








I love all the wall decor you see in Hobby Lobby, Pier One, etc.   But sometimes if a house is ONLY store-bought art, it loses its homey feel & it becomes just a staged room.  This is also the feeling I get from thrifted or antique furniture – it has a story!  Do you have anything sentimental you’ve hung on your walls?  Please comment below!

❤ Rebecca






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