Tomorrow is Halloween, & if you’re like me you have some special food planned.  Doesn’t matter if I’m going to a party or staying in with just the husband & dogs – I like to get in the spirit of the season!  My go-to is cupcakes b/c they are easy, cute & perfect for adding decorations.  Sometimes I make them…but let’s be honest, usually I buy them.  But even w/store-bought it’s fun to dress them up to match the season or theme.

No need to get expensive toppers from Michael’s (no offense to Michael’s, but their cake section is a little high for me).  Use what you have to create a DIY flag banner, aka bunting.  Otherwise, you will be surprised what you can find at the Dollar Tree or my new favorite: Ollie’s.  Have you been to an Ollie’s yet?   It’s a bargain store that sells big box store overflow.  You won’t always see the same stuff, but they usually have seasonal items for cheap!

To make: simply attach string to 2 dowels, then fold washi tape over the string & cut ends to make a flag.
Usually you see bunting as cake toppers, but you can also stick them into 2 cupcakes on a platter!
I already had the materials on hand so this was a fast & free way to amp up the cupcakes.

The following cupcake liners, edible leaves & sprinkles are from Ollies, as well as the Halloween themed stickers that I put on my pyrex pan.  I think I spent about $5 total for everything!  And yes, I did actually make these cupcakes…

Pyrex dishes can be a great way to corral & display treats b/c you can see through them!
Excited about the gold sprinkles find b/c I can use the leftovers for Christmas!

Have a fun & safe Halloween – I’d love to see how you decorate your cupcakes or display holiday/party foods in the comments!

❤ Rebecca

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