If there’s one thing living in a teeny tiny campus apartment while married taught us is how to be creative & optimistic.  It was hard to picture how we were BOTH going to use the claustrophobic bedroom w/only one closet (which also served as the entire apartment’s closet for utility supplies, toiletries, & pantry items).  Today I’m sharing the furniture we chose that kept the bedroom functional & as open as possible!  To read more about how I maximized space in the rest of the apartment , visit my Decorative Organizing post.

1 – Queen Bed

Since the bedroom was designed for one person, the most ideal way to set it up was to have one side of the bed against the wall.  Well that wasn’t going to work for two, so I arranged it jutting out from the right side of the window so my husband could have his own (very narrow) aisle w/a (very small) end table.  But it worked!

I chose white bedding to keep the space as light as possible & make it feel bigger.

2 – Dresser / Nightstand

There was no space for both, so this budget-friendly & compact dresser also served as my bedside table.  The right side slides over the drawers which is hiding shelving full of clothes.  My husband & I equally split it…ok lets be honest, I had a couple more shelves than him.

Tuck in the corners of the bed for extra moving-around room!

3 – Armoire

This was my favorite small-space hack!  I originally thrift shopped the entire city to find an armoire that was narrow enough for the space.  All I found were massive, chunky pieces or expensive antiques.  One day I browsing in Big Lots & they had these inexpensive pantries.  Yes, these are TWO pantries placed side-by-side.  I changed one of the doors so they’d open opposite, put baskets on top & tried to make it look like one piece of furniture.  This held all our pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts & even some of my shoes!

I stayed away from dark furniture to keep it light & airy in the space.

To keep the price down, nothing is made of solid wood – but they were also the only pieces that were small enough to fit so I didn’t mind!  In fact, I’m still using both of them in our bedroom in our new house today.  See my most recent post on how I organize jewelry on the dresser here.

I don’t have any pics of what it looked like from the bed, but if you can imagine this: turn around & there’s the bedroom door, bathroom door, then closet door all in a row.  Right at the foot of the bed is where the room began, so the only floor space is the “dressing area” in front of the armoire.   I am proud that we made it through those years!  Being forced to compromise, organize & think outside the (literal) box is actually very beneficial in marriage & gave us greater perspective on appreciating the little things 🙂

Similar headboard from Amazon | Dresser from Target, no longer sold | Pantries (armoire) from Big Lots

❤ Rebecca

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will make a small commission if you click through & make a purchase.  However, this does not influence my suggestions & opinions in bringing you decorating ideas on a budget.

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