If I could pay for only two channels as a cable package I would b/c that’s all that are being watched.  Oddly enough one of them is Food Network even though I don’t like to cook.  The other is, of course, HGTV.  Oh my poor husband.  Maybe we should invest in another TV for him to watch Forged in Fire in peace.  Isn’t it funny how opposites attract?!

I know people joke about this, but I honestly learn A LOT from HGTV.  That, & magazines.  There’s a set of design rules that I see repeated on TV & in magazines when it comes to layout, sight-lines, shapes, colors & accessories.  The designers I closely follow are Candace Olson & Genevieve Gorder.  They both have very different styles & I’ve been inspired to create my own blended style from Candace’s shiny/crisp designs & Genevieve’s eclectic vibe.  Don’t judge me, but I sometimes take notes!


~ Candace Olson

One of my favorite shows is The High Low Project by Sabrina Soto.  It’s like it was made for me b/c its all about my budget decorating philosophy.  First, she completely makes over a room using high-end pieces.  It’s revealed to the client & they are shocked by how much the room costs, followed by disappointment that they can’t keep anything.   It’s Sabrina’s goal to then create a comparable “look” of the room by swapping everything out for budget-friendly pieces that are very similar.  The clients are always pleased at the second reveal b/c it looks the same but is drastically less money.  Also, 9 times out of 10, they actually like the “cheaper” room better!  Can you see why I love this show?


Another show obsession of mine is Stay Here by Genevieve.  It is a new Netflix series about staging Airbnbs.  She’s the designer & co-hosts w/a marketing expert who tries to get the most money possible for the rental.  It’s so inspiring to watch her design & what a difference staging & attention to detail can make.  It’s also amazing to see the simple fixes they do that bring in income – it’s not solely renting for more b/c a celebrity designer was hired.  The show teaches you that anybody can follow the steps & increase value.  Oh, & if you’ve been in a World Market, that’s what her style is like & I cannot get enough!


Yes, I know these are celebrities “acting” on TV.  But you’d be surprised what you can learn – many of them preach that anyone can bring beauty & joy into their home (& even make money at it too).  And it doesn’t have to cost an arm & a leg.  You don’t have to be rich or a design prodigy to have a lovely space!  What are your favorite inspiring TV shows?

❤ Rebecca

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