HAPPY FALL!  Hope ya’ll are enjoying this new season so far.  I put up my decorations last weekend & it was the first time doing so in our new house.  We’ve moved countless times, but I actually enjoy the challenge of decorating a new space & working w/what I already had from the last place.

Today I’m sharing pictures from the family room & kitchen which is where I put out the majority of my fall decor.  I actually used to have much more, but we had to downsize A LOT to fit into our last apartment (see my Decorative Organizing post for small space ideas).  I’m sure I will slowly add to the collection as I see great deals throughout the year!  If you’d like to see how I store all of this stuff, check out my post from last week: Seasonal Decor Upkeep.


The wreath (which I plan to keep up year-round) was super easy to make – that DIY post can be found here.


Ignore my empty gallery wall, I still need to put pictures inside the frames…
My Mom hand-felted these cute little pumpkins out of styrofoam!



Recognize this shelf from my Decorative Organizing post?  It’s a lot less compacted b/c we finally have the space to store items in closets.  I was happy to have room for decor this year other than ALL baskets/boxes!

Inside the pumpkin are hand-made felted acorns
Thrifted pillows!
Dollar Tree floral section for the win
Wreath was hand-made using a store-bought base & inserting faux florals
The pumpkin came w/a top but I decided to use it as a napkin holder
This ceramic pumpkin makes for a great nightlight in the kitchen…except it’s kinda of creepy if you’re not used to it!

Most fall decor was thrifted or from Dollar Tree | Ladder shelf from Target | Navy chair from Kohl’s | Curtains from Kohl’s |Rug from Kohl’s | White bookcase from Wayfair | Bar table from Overstock | Bar stools from World Market | Floor lamp from Kohl’s

❤ Rebecca




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