Saturday marks the 1st day of Fall so it’s time to drag out those boxes & turn your house into a pumpkin patch – anyone else have a pumpkin collection?!  My seasonal decorating time is like a ritual & I block a whole day off the calendar.  For Fall, to set the mood I need a lit spice-scented candle, football on the TV, & a mug of apple cider (never-mind that its literally 100 degrees this week w/the heat index, I ignore that part).  For Christmas, similar scenario: a fir-scented candle, the Elf movie on TV, & a mug of hot chocolate.  You get the idea about the rest of the seasons.

But today lets talk about storing & maintaining all this stuff…

1 – Bins, bins & more bins

I love bins b/c they hide clutter & they stack well.  They also have psychological powers in that they help get rid of what you don’t really need.  When you are packing them up, you are forced to be creative w/space & then make decisions if an item is worth taking up that space & ultimately your garage!

I get my bins in a variety of sizes at Walmart & even keep a few empty ones on hand.  Since they are stored in my shed I don’t worry about fancy labels – just use masking tape & a sharpie.  To avoid a lot of shuffling when searching for one, I put a label on every side of the bin.  I recommend using numbers if you have multiple boxes for a season, like “Christmas 2 of 4.”


2 – If it hasn’t been displayed in 3 years, donate

Every year I use the majority of the same decor to save money.  I keep it fresh by switching up where & how I display things.  Seasonal decorating day is a great time to re-evaluate what you have.  You might as well while you’ve got unpacked bins all over the living room!  My general rule is if I haven’t displayed an item in 3 years, I know I’ve outgrown liking it & it goes in a donate box.  This also makes room for anything new I find along the way!  To keep storage from getting out of control, it is essential to pair down as you bring in more.  Why take up YOUR precious space in your house just to hold things for years on end that never get used?

3 – Buy as you find deals throughout the year

It’s really easy to go crazy at the stores when they bring out the seasonal decor front & center when you walk through the door.  But beware: this is when they are the most expensive!  The stores are counting on you to be looking forward to the next season (especially when its so humid you can’t see through your glasses, & all you want is to wear a sweater & drink a PSL).

As mentioned in my Party Decor Recycling post, the key to budget decorating (after reusing what you have) is to buy as you see good deals.  This includes seasonal decor, even if it means your neighbors have to witness you sweating while hauling an artificial Christmas tree into your house in June.  And since your bins are neatly stacked, clearly labeled, & have space for new items b/c you paired down the last time, you can easily add to your collection!

My most recent off-season find: I saw this USC ceramic pumpkin at a thrift store this past May.  Had to scoop it up b/c it was only $2 & it was listed online for $40!


❤ Rebecca


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