Is is just me, or are premade store-bought wreaths super expensive?  I’m always surprised when I see the hefty price tag hanging off of them in craft stores!  So when I decided a wreath would look good over my TV to off-set all the rectangles & straight edges on that wall, I knew I’d need to improvise.  Since it was the end of spring when I made this, I checked Michaels for seasonal floral items on sale (a tip in my Party Decor Recycling post).

There are many ways to make a wreath, most being a bit time consuming.  I chose the simple route by using only three items:

1 – metal hoop | 2 – twist tie | 3 – long garland


The garland was on a major sale & I also used their 20% off-everything-including-clearance coupon, so at the end of the day I spent about $8!  Next I went to Hobby Lobby to buy a metal hoop, which after their 40% off coupon was only $1.50.  I knew part of the base for the wreath may show through the garland, so I wanted it to be shiny & decorative instead of those green or brown ones you’d normally use.  FYI: the hoop is not in the wreath section, it is in a craft aisle.

What I love about garland is it’s all put together for you, so all you have to do is simply wrap it around the hoop!  Most even come w/a built-in loop hangar on each end.  I had to do some fluffing & adjusting, but it only took about 5 minutes.  Secure the ends w/a twist-tie from your junk drawer & bam: $10 wreath instead of a WAY overpriced store-bought!  And honestly I kinda like the hoop showing through, its unique/modern to me & matches my other metallic decor.



Built-in loop on end of garland made for an easy way to hang on a hook!


I picked a garland that I could hang year-round, but you could also easily make a Fall wreath w/orange foliage or a Christmas one w/berries, etc.  If you do, please share how it turned out in the comments & others can be inspired too!

❤ Rebecca

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