I mentioned in my Toolbox post that I come from a family that loves to source great deals.  It comes from my grandfather who was always very careful with money so that he was able to be generous with people who were in need.  That is ultimately my goal, to become like him!

The deal-finders extend to my cousin, Lindsay Creech who I’d like to introduce as my first guest blogger.  She has an especially great eye for fashion, & an even better one for finding designer labels at a steal.  Check out her Instagram @youngteacherstyle.  Today she’s excited to share her latest budget find: organic cleaning supplies!

Because who doesn’t love a decorated AND clean home?


“Finding deals is so important to me & I love when I am introduced to new websites w/promo codes, free items & great products!  As Rebecca mentioned, my favorite things to shop for are usually clothes & books but after finding about this website (below), I knew I needed to share it with her & the Love Your Day Designs blog.  This deal is all about cleaning on a budget!


The website is called Grove Collaborative & when you sign up, you automatically get a free four-piece gift set w/your first purchase!  Lately, I have wanted to purge my cleaning supplies & get rid of all of those harmful chemicals.  I had been hearing so many great things about more organic & chemical-free cleaning supplies but knew they could be a lot more expensive.  The great thing about Grove Collaborative is that they sell all of those healthy products, like Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation & Method.

Capture 1When signing up for Grove Collaborative you also have the option to schedule your shipments, so the minute you run low on your favorite cleaner, it can be headed to your house in no time!  Did I mention shipping & returns are FREE?!  Also, all of the cleaners have great scents which makes cleaning more enjoyable.  I signed up for the website this month, got my free four-piece set, & a total of 14 items for $39!  My shipment included items like shower spray, dish soap, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, etc. & I am so excited to start using them all!”

My packing slip listing all 14 items for $39

Sign up w/my code to get your free gift:

❤ Lindsay





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