While my husband went back to school at USC (go Gamecocks!), we lived in a 681 sq ft campus apartment for 3+ years.  As you can imagine that’s a challenge for two married people to not lose it every once in a while!  My biggest challenge was STORAGE.  There was one small closet which held both our hanging clothes as well as utility/supplies & pantry items.  If you know me, I wasn’t going to have plastic bins stacked up in the corner like we lived in a dorm.  Our space needed to be decorated like adults if we were going to make it out alive!

Cue the decorative baskets & boxes…

Since I was out of closet space, & all other space for that matter, the rest of our “stuff” that you don’t necessarily want out in the open was inevitably going to be on display.  The first thing I did was buy a bookcase so I could utilize wall height.  Measuring every inch of the shelves was next to maximize as much storage as possible.  I then went to multiple stores w/my mini measuring tape (yes, I keep measuring tape in my purse at all times!) & found a variety of functional, yet decorative organizers that all stacked & fit tightly on each level.


The dark grey basket w/holes is actually a clothes hamper!
You would never know how much junk is actually being displayed on that bookcase. This is why I love decorative organizers!

Now you don’t have to go out & spend a fortune on what would be classified in stores as an “organizer.”  So many things around the house you may not even realize you have can function as pretty storage!  For example, on my bookcase there’s a hamper, photo boxes & a garden pot – but I can assure you there are no clothes, pictures, or plants.  Think outside the box! …too corny? 🙂  If you still need to buy organizers, here are some resources:

Bookcase from Wafair | Featured image basket from Target | Photo boxes from Michaels | Other storage no longer sold (mostly from Target & Home Goods) – click here for similar finds

❤ Rebecca


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