Welcome to my first post on the new Love Your Day Designs platform!  I am excited to get back into blogging & help others along the way.  As you can see here, my idea for LYDD started a little differently.  What has never changed has been my obsession with decorating my space – any space I’m given (work, home, party)!  But that’s just part of it: the other half of my brain is always bargain hunting.

If it’s not a steal, it does not go into my cart.

This blog will be home to my projects, findings & inspiration for decorating on a budget.  My favorite thing to do when giving a tour is reveal where I found something & share if they go during this sale, & use that coupon & this reward they can also get it for super cheap!  Since I don’t have a revolving door of visitors in my house to see my constant “finds,” I thought why not make friends online who are like me & love a well-designed home w/out breaking the bank?

Our new beginnings include moving to a new house & the 1st thing I did was find a welcome mat. I loved this pattern but it only came in a small size so I got 2 & put them side by side to create a bigger square rug!

You can also follow along on Instagram @loveyourdaydesigns.  I encourage comments & enjoy seeing others’ projects so please share yours as well!  We can all learn & gather inspiration from each other, especially when it comes to great deals.

Rug(s) from Target

❤ Rebecca

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